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Ohio used farm equipment - Janitorial equipment rentals

Ohio Used Farm Equipment

ohio used farm equipment

    farm equipment
  • Agricultural machinery is any kind of machinery used on a farm to help with farming. The best-known example of this kind is the tractor.

  • means equipment, machinery, and repair parts manufactured for use on farms in connection with the production or preparation for market use of food resources.

  • a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region

  • Ohio is a Midwestern state in the United States. The 34th largest state by area in the U.S., it is the 7th-most populous with nearly 11.5 million residents. The state's capital is Columbus. The Anglicized name 'Ohio' comes from the Iroquois word ohi-yo’, meaning 'great river'. Mithun (1999), p.

  • A state in the northeastern US, bordering on Lake Erie; pop. 11,353,140; capital, Columbus; statehood, Mar. 1, 1803 (17). It was acquired by Britain from France in 1763 and by the US in 1783 after the American Revolution

  • a river that is formed in western Pennsylvania and flows westward to become a tributary of the Mississippi River

ohio used farm equipment - DuraMax Model

DuraMax Model 00411 10x10 WoodBridge Vinyl Storage Shed

DuraMax Model 00411 10x10 WoodBridge Vinyl Storage Shed

DuraMax Model 00411 10'x10' WoodBridge Vinyl Shed, one of the 10' wide signature series, gives the ultimate solution to all storage needs. Large cubic storage space starting at 480 cu ft through 1944 cu ft there is no better valued vinyl storage shed in the market place today. Tall walk in shed with tall and wide doors, these large size sheds can be used as a hobby or activity room. Optional foundation, super roof support and window kits are available. DuraMax Stronglasting vinyl sheds offer the most important factor needed when considering the purchase of a shed whether it is for storage or any other use - strength, durability, attractiveness, size, value for the money and low maintenance. They offer all weather vinyl exterior which is light colored and has a "siding like" grain pattern on the walls, a roof truss steel support system, sturdy steel reinforced wall columns, fire retardant vinyl which is exclusive to DuraMax, wide and tall double doors. Their most consumer friendly feature all starts with their state of the art engineering - each shed is modularly designed with purchase decision, shipping, and building it already in mind. Sheds are available in many sizes to fit many needs; they ship compactly in own box; all parts are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and labeled for easy sorting and assembly. US Polymers Inc. is the largest plastic extruder in the world, every product is backed with warranty and full customer support.

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Coal Run School

Coal Run School

The title is just a guess but from what the owner told me it is possible that is what it once was. I believe this was moved here before he purchased the property. It has a good block foundation, a sound roof, its original wall length chalkboard (seen in the right photo), and original plaster walls and ceiling. It has been modified with a set of tracked double doors on the opposite side and is used to store farm equipment. This is located on a farm in Adams Township northeast of Beverly Ohio.

Farm Days

Farm Days

My tribute to the family farm.
I love it. It's old and run-down; no cellphone reception, and I'm pretty sure my uncle's never used the internet. There's no AC and the closest town is 20 min away.
I don't live there, I'm not sure I could.... but I love to visit whenever I can.

ohio used farm equipment

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